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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I never thought what this word would mean to me.
I guess it can happen to almost anybody.
Though this word already has its meaning.
But lemme just tell you what it exactly means to me.

It's when your heart is torned to 10,000 pieces.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, to have it solved would take ages.
Just when you thought that everything is ok.
Then suddenly they tell you, the love has gone away.

It's when you jump to the next, helping you heal your heart.
Then later you realize, in your life they have no part.
It's after you got hurt and you hurt the other.
Well I guess it's a cycle, jaded now and forever.

Now I have questions lingering in my mind.
When will this end and how will I find?
Can anyone please tell me, what is the answer?
Don't wanna stay jaded, now and forever.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fate Versus Free Will

It has been told that one's path has already been determined.
Is this really true or is this something that we should further examine?
Fate versus free will is what I'm questioning in my mind.
I guess I'll go through all the trouble till the answer I find.

Would one's decision change had an experience been intercepted?
Or would it still be the same and lead to what has been plotted?
Would I have been the same had I not met you?
I guess that's a question and to answer we have no clue.

We can say that our future is determined by the choices we make.
Though that maybe the case, do we really understand what's at stake?
Maybe we can alter what is written in the stars.
Or maybe even that is a plan, which in your life plays a part.

If one is destined to do great things, what about the rest of us?
What are they destined to be? Why then even make a fuss?
If everyone is to unknowingly follow according to plan.
Then free will is just a hoax, disguised to every man.

Ok, alright, maybe I'm over analyzing.
But you must admit, I do make a good line of reasoning.
One day we'll see what life really is and what it's all about.
All our questions will be answered and we'll accept it with out a doubt.

For now what we must do is to just go with the flow.
Live life to the fullest, with every lesson we must grow.
Be careful with your choices and let the future unfold.
Fight with all your might, in your future you must hold.

-- Inspired by the "Adjustment Bureau" movie by Matt Damon and Emily Blunt

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Store

Remembering the time when we first met.
It was 11 in the evening, time stood still with no regret.
As I passed by the corner of that book store.
I looked at you from the outside as you walked out that door.

I was standing in front of you sweaty and all.
You handed out your hanky, oh geez, I think I'll fall.
Introduction to each other were made with no hesitations.
We strolled along all night as we stared at the constellations.

It was 4 in the morning, the dawn is breaking.
We decided to have coffee and a little more chatting.
Then later we found ourselves wrapped in each others arms.
As I whispered to your ear, I promise you no harm.

A kiss so passionate, igniting our senses like fire.
It was love at first sight so full of burning desire.
As we arouse each other with soft lingering touch.
I promised you that I'll always love you so much.

A month passed by, I've never felt so lucky.
Always together. We're both sublimely happy.
3 months, 4 months. Continuously counting.
5th month came, who knew it'd be our ending.

I don't know what happened, my brain just snapped.
You were begging for a chance, I said no, please don't do that.
I walked away leaving you at the coffee shop crying.
I never looked back, my tears were shedding.

A year and a half passed by, a lot has happened.
We advanced on our careers, surprisingly we started talkin'.
You invited me to your show, I came and I saw.
Part of your role, you kissed someone! I was in shock and in awe!

So jealous, envious, full of uncertainty.
I didn't want to be seen, a feeling so melancholy.
It was then I realized I wanted you back.
Wait, let me correct that. I need you. That's a fact!

The show ended, time to meet the cast.
I was standing by the door, you approached me so fast.
My heart was pounding, my legs were shaking.
We kissed on the cheeks and exchanged greetings.

I handed you a gift just like the one I gave before.
A small teddy bear that you oh so adore.
I had to leave as you had other guests to accommodate.
At the back of my mind, I was thinking that this can be fate.

The next day, I asked for you to come back.
You said no, I can't, and that's a fact.
You offered me friendship and that's the best you can do.
I've never felt so lonely, so sad and so blue.

And now I write this poem for you.
Oh please believe me, I'm now paying my due.
How I wish I could have what we've had before.
You're the only one who can heal my heart that's sore.

Now the battle against me just started.
Trying so hard not to feel discarded.
Now all i can do is what I've been doing before.
Remembering the day when I first saw you in that book store...