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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going to Bed?

Last night was my first time going to Bed in Malate. Bed is, as far as I know, a place were P.L.U's (people like us) go to meet and greet, and of course, there's always something else (if you know what I mean).

I'm really not a party person, but I’ve heard a lot of exciting things about that place from my friend which enticed my "queeriosity". So, I said, what the hey, let me go try it. So me and 2 of my friends (John and Ers) went there.

John is very well experienced in these kind of things. He knows which bar to hang out, what to do and when to "DO" it. Ers also hangs out in malate, but mostly hangs out at straight bars. I think it was also his first to hang out at Bed. So, we arrived at the place at around 11:00PM, paid an entrance fee which includes free drinks and a couple of chiseled men on the ledge dancing for hours w/ their shirts off for your viewing pleasure.

The place was all that I had expected. There were a lot of cute/sexy guys and a couple of foreigners and gals too. I thought I’d like the place, but actually, to my surprise, I really didn't. No, no, no! Don't get me wrong guys. It's not about the place why I didn't like it. Maybe, it's just me. Coz, probably, I really never liked hanging out in bars. Other than that, I don't drink. Well, I used to drink, but I quit (that's another story which will be posted later on). I love dancing to the beat of the music, but there was something last night that just didn't make me in the mood of dancing and partying. I guess my idea of a party/gimmick is a cozy place w/ good food, drinks and a nice conversation w/ friends were you could actually hear each other. Coz, last night, because of the loud sound system which is of course necessary for that kind of place, you can hardly hear each other not unless you shout straight to the person’s ear in order for you to be heard.

We left the place at around 2:00AM. Walked around the streets of Malate for a while then took myself a cab to Mall Of Asia where my car is parked, went straight home to my room and lay down at my BED, thought and contemplated on how things went on in Malate and had myself a good nights sleep.

Will I ever go back to Bed? Maybe. After all, last night was just my first going there. Hopefully, next time, the party animal inside me would be unleashed. Ha-ha!

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caphantomfire said...

Hmmmm......I do not know what to say. heheheh...But yeah, jia you bri!...=)