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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scary Story..Urban Legend..

I heard this story last night from the radio while driving my way home from Mall of Asia. I just want to share this to ya'all.

It goes a little something like this...

A young girl went to a home coming party. After the party, she and her friends had separated as each one of them has their own cars. The girl went on to her car alone, opened it, got in and started the engine. Consequently, on the other side of the parking lot, there was another guy riding his car as well. As the girl started to drive, the other guy started following her, but the girl didn't pay any attention to it as she thought that the guy is on the same route as she is. But as the young girl made a turn to the street that she lives in, she noticed that the guy is still following her and every so often would blink of his lights. The girl tried to turn and drive around the streets to see if the guy is really following her. Indeed, the guy would still be at her back and would still blink his lights every now and then. The girl started to panic, so she stepped on the gas and rushed her way home. The guy that was following her did the same thing and would still constantly blink his lights at times. As the girls arrives her house, got off the car and as she enters the front door of her house started to shout "Dad! Dad! Call the police! A man is following me!". Her father hurried down the stairs and called the police. When the police arrived, the guy that was following her surprisingly didn't escape, instead, she approached the girl, the police and the father. After all of that confrontation w/ the police, the girl asked, why were you following me, the man answered, "at the parking lot, before you rode your car, i saw another man sneaked behind your car. I was following you because i wanted to warn you, but all of a sudden you drove so fast. I was blinking my lights everytime i would see him from behind w/ his knife as if he was trying to stab you so that he would stop.". The police checked the back of the car and found the knife that was left behind. The girl and the father had chills rolling up their spines as they thanked the man who followed her.

Kinda scary to listen to over the radio when you're driving alone. After listening to that story, I would check the back of my car to see if someone was there. Ha-ha!


caphantomfire said...

Oh my! that was really a scary, scary story. To be honest while reading this one I was scared for the girl. I thought something bad might happen to her.

Very well put. =)


Airwind said...

mwuhahahahaha ..... wehehe ... 3rd post? huwaw!!! keep on writting bri ... :)

Anonymous said...

Nice story, reminds me of my scary dream where the girl was being followed by a man. I was as if there watching but can't see their faces. So the girl finds out that this man following her was a ghost. The next day, the girl was found dead because it was her who actually killed that man. I woke up and wondered what was that about? I realized, I've watched this Pinoy suspense-thriller "TXT" Starring Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillio in VCD.

Anyways, visiting from Airwind's site and I thought you live in HK, the banner header tells me so.

Welcome to blogging!

brine4u said...

k: hi!! thanks for leaving me a comment..i left a comment in your blog, but i don't know if it pushed through..as you know, i'm a newbie here and still exploring the rules/etiquettes of blogging. would surely need all the help i could get.. :)
anyway, i'm not from hongkong, it just so happens that putting up the honkong skyline photo up on my banner looks good.. but am planning to change it to manila skyline photo.. do you have any that i could possibly use?
i love your blog.so informative and i love your photos..very well shot..
i'll be adding you in my blogroll if you don't mind..again, thanks a lot.. :)