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Hoping to inspire with yearning desire.. Like it or not, x marks the spot..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

X - Marks The Spot

Thunder in paradise and you can't see the sun.
All you can feel is hatred from everyone.
Burning sensation which makes you want to rot.
You're a victim in this world, x-marks the spot.

Haunting feeling at the break of dawn.
Wherever you go, you are the pawn.
Eerie feeling of deep soul festering,
The devil you'll see and hell you'll be entering.

No where to run, No where to hide.
Don't you just wish for worlds to collide.
Your reflection appears to have no hue,
On the cross you're crucified and nailed with out clue.

Never fealt anger full of anguish and pain.
You're wanting to fight, revenge is insane.
you may curse everyone w/ all the powers you've got
but remember this always, x-marks the spot..


pensucks said...


bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

wow brian, i didn't know that you're such a poet. and yes I agree.. x marks the spot :-)

K said...

Did you wrote these? ang lalim.

But I think it is destiny and it does sound right, if we put a "P" then it would sound silly, I mean literally.

brine4u said...

blue: thanks!!
knoiski: yup, i did write this..dami ako poems, this is juz one of my dark ones..hehe..the dark side of me..thanks!!