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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fate Versus Free Will

It has been told that one's path has already been determined.
Is this really true or is this something that we should further examine?
Fate versus free will is what I'm questioning in my mind.
I guess I'll go through all the trouble till the answer I find.

Would one's decision change had an experience been intercepted?
Or would it still be the same and lead to what has been plotted?
Would I have been the same had I not met you?
I guess that's a question and to answer we have no clue.

We can say that our future is determined by the choices we make.
Though that maybe the case, do we really understand what's at stake?
Maybe we can alter what is written in the stars.
Or maybe even that is a plan, which in your life plays a part.

If one is destined to do great things, what about the rest of us?
What are they destined to be? Why then even make a fuss?
If everyone is to unknowingly follow according to plan.
Then free will is just a hoax, disguised to every man.

Ok, alright, maybe I'm over analyzing.
But you must admit, I do make a good line of reasoning.
One day we'll see what life really is and what it's all about.
All our questions will be answered and we'll accept it with out a doubt.

For now what we must do is to just go with the flow.
Live life to the fullest, with every lesson we must grow.
Be careful with your choices and let the future unfold.
Fight with all your might, in your future you must hold.

-- Inspired by the "Adjustment Bureau" movie by Matt Damon and Emily Blunt

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