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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I never thought what this word would mean to me.
I guess it can happen to almost anybody.
Though this word already has its meaning.
But lemme just tell you what it exactly means to me.

It's when your heart is torned to 10,000 pieces.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, to have it solved would take ages.
Just when you thought that everything is ok.
Then suddenly they tell you, the love has gone away.

It's when you jump to the next, helping you heal your heart.
Then later you realize, in your life they have no part.
It's after you got hurt and you hurt the other.
Well I guess it's a cycle, jaded now and forever.

Now I have questions lingering in my mind.
When will this end and how will I find?
Can anyone please tell me, what is the answer?
Don't wanna stay jaded, now and forever.


Erwin "ERS" said...

very nice poem,

i can very much relate to what it means.

life's unpredictability sometimes sucks because we are clueless of what happens next but we have to deal with it;we have no choice.

: )

brine4u said...

Thanx Ers.. I'm following your blog now.. =)